MIPS multilib cross-compiler build fails

Jim Gifford lfs at jg555.com
Wed Dec 21 23:05:39 PST 2005

    One of the reasons I started this project was because of MIPS. I 
really appreciate your comments.

    Now as far as your error goes. I have done several builds on a RaQ2 
R5000 based system with no issues, never once ran into the issue your 
seeing. So lets go through a list of questions to determine what's the 

1 - What is your Target Machine
2 - What is your Host Machine
3 - Little Endian or Big Endian (assuming big by your choice of 
4 - What is your path show (echo $PATH)
5 - What is LFS_HOST set to (echo $LFS_HOST)
6 - What is LFS_TARGET set to (echo $LFS_TARGET)
7 - What book are you following (3 different ones for MIPS)
8 - What version of GCC is one your host, (gcc --version)

That should be enough to get started.

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lfs at jg555.com

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