perl compile in section 6

Justin justinwhelan at
Thu Dec 22 05:48:46 PST 2005

Matt Darcy wrote:

> You won't be able to execute the 64bit binary on the 32bit host.
> the reason /cross-tools is first is because "gcc" doesn't actually 
> live in /cross-tools, so if you type gcc - it will not be able to 
> pickup gcc from /cross-tools as it doesn't exist in this form at this 
> time.
> Matt
i understand that i cannot run 64bit software on my 32bit host,  but 
with the commands given in the book *before booting into the 64bit lfs* 
perl does not compile because it tries run ./try which is for some 
reason compiled as 64bit which is what led me to believe the book may be 
wrong as it does not use and CC="" commands. I know the perl was 
recently moved and thought that this may have been overlooked and just 
wanted to make sure its not me getting it wrong.



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