chapter "7.9 creating_directories" too late

Chris Staub chris at
Sat Dec 31 17:56:09 PST 2005

Frans Verstegen wrote:
> The final directory structure is created in chapter 7.9 after the 
>   E2fsprogs-1.38, Sysvinit-2.86, Module-Init-Tools-3.2.2,
>   Inetutils-1.4.2, Util-linux-2.12r, Udev-076,
>   ELFtoaout-2.3
> packages.
> This makes the "ln -s share/{man,doc,info} ${LFS}/usr" from "7.9
> Creating Directories" fail as the installation of the inetutils package
> created the /usr/man directory. 
> The inetutils configure scripts accepts a --mandir parameter, but I'm
> afraid other packages might create directories as well making other
> links fail from 7.9...
> In the non-cross LFS book the directory structure is created very
> early, ie. before the final packages are installed. 
> Should we also create the directory structure earlier, ie. first thing
> in chapter 7 ?
> Frans

I was just about to recommend moving "Creating Directories" to the 
beginning of Chapter 7 myself, but I never though about that issue. My 
problem is that, with the way the CLFS instructions are now, you will 
end up with a $LFS root dir owned by the LFS user if you use the chroot 
method, since there is a "chown lfs $LFS" command near the beginning of 
the book and you're never told to run chown root $LFS to change it back 
if you chroot. I was thinking that the chown lfs $LFS command should be 
moved to the beginning of Chapter 7 - placed at the top of the "Creating 
Directories" section and moving Creating Directories to the beginning of 
the chapter.

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