clarifying /tools versus /cross-tools

Ken Moffat ken at
Tue Nov 1 09:50:32 PST 2005

On Tue, 1 Nov 2005, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

>  before i get into this too deeply, i want to clarify one important
> point.  as i read it, /cross-tools is the eventual destination for the
> entire cross-compiling toolchain, including *all* supporting binaries,
> libraries and so on.  effectively, it's a standalone cross-compiling
> environment.
  Yes, but *all* it can do is cross-compile.

>  /tools, on the other hand, is simply a temporary location for stuff
> during the construction of that toolchain.  once the construction is
> over, the /tools directory is unnecessary and can be deleted, right?
> rday

  Wrong, badly ;)  /tools is what we use the cross-compiler to build - 
it's natve binaries for the target, much like chapter 5 of conventional 
LFS.  Because it is cross-compiled, we can't run the testsuites, and a 
few awkward things (perl, tcl, etc) have been moved to later ('temporary 
tools').  You probably got misled by the headers being installed into 

  When you start to build those temporary tools, /tools is where 
_everything_ you can access is located, either because you copied it to 
the new machine, or because you put it on your path and chrooted.

  At that point, /cross-tools is expendable.

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