a suggestion for the CLFS book

Matt Darcy lfs-list at projecthugo.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 14:43:49 PST 2005

Robert P. J. Day wrote:

>On Tue, 1 Nov 2005, Matt Darcy wrote:
>>Hello Robert,
>>Thanks very much for your suggestion with regard to the cross-lfs
>>book and possible improvments While your suggestion makes for useful
>>reading for a student / teacher style book, the overhead and
>>usefulness of this feature within an LFS book, from experience
>>actually turns counter productive.
>hmmm ... i think you may have read more into my suggestion than i
>intended.  when i suggested describing the effects of running a
>pageful of commands, i didn't mean a horrifically-detailed description
>of everything that would have happened.
>more along the lines of, "once you do all of the above, you should now
>see all of your newly-created cross-compile commands in <some
>directory name here>."
>just something as simple as that might give a beginner the confidence
>to believe he did this part right and he can continue on to the next.
>just my $0.02.


again thanks for the input, I'd still standby my statment, in that if 
you don't know what your typing in for example or that $X will go in, 
then you will/should struggle with the cross-lfs process. Most new users 
struggle to build LFS the first time and thats just cutting and pasting 
commands, cross-lfs requires a slightly higher level of experience and 
understanding of what you are doing, as at certain points you have to 
make decisions. If your no happy doing basic validation with out 
direction, then to be honest cross-lfs is possibly a little out of the 
users scope at this time.

thats not being elitest in anyway, just an honest statement

If you imagine installing redhat as "mowing the lawn", you then step up 
to maintaining the lawn mower engine (using lfs) which by reading the 
manual you can probably get by in, change the blades, make sure there is 
petrol in, clean out the filter etc, then you move to maintaining a car 
engine - but you wouldn't jump from mowing the lawn to maintaining a car 
engine without the basic understanding you'd get from working up to it.

While I appriciate this will limit the cross-lfs audience a little, it 
is probably better at this time that only users who feel comfortable 
with linux, and possible the lfs process should really be attempting 
cross-lfs at this time.

But your comment is taken on board for future development.


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