just to sum up the binutils stuff before moving on ...

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at mindspring.com
Tue Nov 1 14:50:02 PST 2005

  while i'm still not too tired to think straight, a quick summary of
thoughts on the CLFS binutils page:


1) perhaps the 64-bit support should be listed as optional?  or
described as, perhaps, "recommended" if it's guaranteed not to hurt

2) for the sake of beginners (like me :-), it might be useful to
reword this passage:

"This tells the configure script to specify the library search path
during the compilation of Binutils, resulting in /tools/lib being
passed to the linker. This prevents the linker from searching through
library directories on the host."

the way that's worded makes it sound like that directory is being
searched for *during* the actual compilation of binutils, rather than
the fact that it's being set for when the binutils programs are
*executed* in the future.  do you see how the current wording might be

3) i'm sort of convinced that the "make -C bfd headers" step is
non-essential, since its only apparent effect is to create a few files
in the bfd/doc/ directory, but i could be wrong.  clearly, it doesn't
hurt but it doesn't appear to be necessary.

4) i'm not convinced that copying libiberty.h is necessary anymore.

  and now, it's dinner time.


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