no need to install glibc headers to build bootstrap gcc?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Wed Nov 2 00:53:48 PST 2005

   moving on from things binutils-related, i notice that the recipe
for CLFS goes straight from building and installing binutils to
building the bootstrap gcc.

  crosstool, however (i apologize for continually comparing to
crosstool, it's just the only reference i have) has a step in between
-- it installs glibc headers which is allegedly needed for the
construction of the bootstrap gcc for versions of gcc-3.3 and up.  is
this step not technically necessary?  it certainly doesn't seem to be
in CLFS.

  this issue is discussed here:

so i'm interested in whether this is now superfluous.  thoughts?  not
surprisingly, i'd be happy if this step was no longer needed.


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