Preventing Cross-LFS from Going to Stable

Jim Gifford lfs at
Wed Nov 2 14:06:04 PST 2005

I have been asked why Cross-LFS hasn't gone stable yet. Here is a the 
list of what remains.
Inetutils 1.4.2
    ftp and ping fail on the Sparc Architecture. This will be fixed with 
the upcoming release of inetutils 1.5.

    Want to move to the 2.6.14 kernel, need to test on MIPS, MIPS64, and 
PPC builds. works on
     all architectures, that's why it's in the book. 2.6.13 had issues 
with Sparc and MIPS.

    Need to test the hotplug udev changes to make sure they work on all 

    Debating on maintaining cross-lfs specific bootscripts, this is due 
to some the changes needed on non-x86 architectures

The book itself
    Need to go through and validate each page for configuration options 
and text. Community help is welcomed here.

    We also still have the ongoing battle with the bootloaders. We are 
currently working with Grub 2 folks on x86_64 and Sparc. We also need to 
get another MIPS bootloader into the book. Any volunteer's. This is a 
showstopper, but we can release the book without the pure builds, this 
one is going to take a long time to resolv.

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