error: cannot execute binary file

Stan Sander ssande at
Thu Nov 3 07:32:01 PST 2005

OK, I've messed up something else.  I'm following through the multilib 
x86_64 build.  The only difference from the book has been I built kernel  I went through the steps in chapter 7 to make the temporary 
system bootable and have booted into it.  Now I am at chapter 9.6 trying 
to build the 32 bit perl 5.8.7.  The configure aborts with the following 
error message:

/bin/sh: ./try: cannot execute binary file
The program compiled OK but exited with status 126.

Any idea where I went wrong?  Some other info that may or may not be 
useful I get the same error message from the host system bash when I try 
to do:

/tools/bin/gcc -v

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