CLFS for a AMD ELAN SC520 target

Felix Brack fb at
Mon Nov 7 07:50:46 PST 2005


I would like to create a linux system for an AMD SC-520 target. If
my understanding of the this CPU is correct, it has a core which is
able to execute i586 code. If this is true the target triplet would be
i586-pc-linux-gnu according to chapter 5.3 of CLFS.
My host system is based on an ATHLON CPU and therefor has the host
triplet  i686-pc-linux-gnu.
Conclusion: I _do_ have to setup a cross compile environment for the
specifications above, do I ?

Is there a way to check at a very early stage in the entire process
that the tool chain still creates code with for the correct target

Background of my question: I already tried to cross compile as
mentioned above but the result is not working. I am pretty sure that I
somehow messed up (or did not correctly setup) the tool chain. This
is why I would like to find the error _before_ restarting from

many thanks



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