CLFS for a AMD ELAN SC520 target

Matt Darcy lfs-list at
Mon Nov 7 13:43:05 PST 2005

Jim Gifford wrote:

> The target sanity checks are the only thing that can help you, but you 
> do have everything setup if your host is a Athlon like you say you 
> would set
> export LFS_HOST="${MACHTYPE}"
> for your target
> export LFS_TARGET="i586-pc-linux-gnu"
> Then just do the sanity check which is on the bottom of the page.
> if [ "${LFS_HOST}" = "${LFS_TARGET}" ]; then \
>  echo "Host and Target can't be the same." ; fi
If I remember correctly on this, the elan arch needs to be set in the 
kernel for the target system as it uses a slightly different subsystem 
(I could be wrong on this)

I'd certainly check this before deciding to chroot (impossible if I'm 
right and your host isn't an elan based distro) or boot.


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