CLFS for a AMD ELAN SC520 target

Felix Brack fb at
Tue Nov 8 01:28:22 PST 2005

Jim Gifford wrote:

JG> The target sanity checks are the only thing that can help you, but you
JG> do have everything setup if your host is a Athlon like you say you would
JG> set


JG> for your target

JG> export LFS_TARGET="i586-pc-linux-gnu"

JG> Then just do the sanity check which is on the bottom of the page.

JG> if [ "${LFS_HOST}" = "${LFS_TARGET}" ]; then \
JG>   echo "Host and Target can't be the same." ; fi

JG> -- 
JG> ------
JG> jim at
JG> lfs at

JG> LFS User # 2577
JG> Registered Linux User # 299986

The sanity check returned no error and I double checked LFS_HOST and
LFS_TARGET manually.
I am not sure anymore if what I am doing is really correct: maybe my
target triplet is wrong for an ELAN SC-520 system. Is there any good
place in the www where I can find more information about what
architecture requires which triplet?


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