replacing cross-tools with Dan Kegels toolchain

Matt Darcy lfs-list at
Tue Nov 8 02:21:08 PST 2005

Feldmeier Bernd wrote:
> Hello,
> why don't we replace the cross toolchain with
> the one from Dan Kegel which is stable and supports
> a lot of ARCHs??
> This should be a better way to build CLFS maybe?
> regards


the cross toolchain is maintained by the LFS team, so that it has 
relevance to both LFS and cross-lfs as they are related project. The 
guys who worked on the toolchains have put in a LOT of time and effort 
to get it to an accepted point of a "sane" build by kernel developers 
and the like.

There is no need to use an additional external tool chain, when the one 
in here is maintained by strong people who are working to progress the 
clfs and indeed the lfs projects.

The tool chain is and should be maintained by the LFS groups members.

I see no reason to change a very strong tool chain.


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