About SBUs and disk usage. CONCLUSION

Matt Darcy lfs-list at projecthugo.co.uk
Tue Nov 8 11:48:53 PST 2005

M.Canales.es wrote:

>El Lunes, 7 de Noviembre de 2005 20:42, M.Canales.es escribió:
>After review the comments about this issue, look like the consensus is to 
>remove that info, at least up to decide a feasible method to do the 
>measurements and to have volunteers to keep the values up-to date for all 
>Then, I will start removing the related text from the books.
>If someone what to do the measurements for some arch, maybe we could to place 
>that info as an appendix into the related arch's book. Sending it as plain 
>text is enought.  The needed info is:
>.- Host
>.- Target
>.- If following the "boot" or "chroot" way
>.- Method used to measure SBUs and disk usage
>.- The values for each package build
>I hope the we could find a way to re-add that info for all archs in a not very 
>far future.

I say drop it totally, its not really relvant to this project at all.


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