replacing cross-tools with Dan Kegels toolchain

Ryan Oliver ryan.oliver at
Tue Nov 8 15:59:05 PST 2005

On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 10:48 +0100, Feldmeier Bernd wrote:
> Hello,
> why don't we replace the cross toolchain with
> the one from Dan Kegel which is stable and supports
> a lot of ARCHs??
> This should be a better way to build CLFS maybe?

Currently crosstool does not support either NPTL builds, or support
creating multilib cross toolchains.

The projects have slightly different goals, crosstool is used to create
a sysrooted cross toolchain for building binaries for target

Cross-lfs creates a specialised cross-toolchain for the sole purpose of
cross building enough target system native tools (linked against
c-libraries located outside of standard directories) to natively compile
the final OS on the target system.


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