Cross-compile from 32bits to 64bits for AMD64

go moko gomoko at
Wed Nov 9 05:48:06 PST 2005


Please excuse my poor english...

I've an AMD64 processor and a LFS 32bits system
installed on it. I try to crosscompile, on this
machine, to 64bits, and all works fine, until I must
choose to chroot or reboot.
It seems that a chroot is not possible because the new
compiled binaries in /tools are in 64bits, and as the
kernel is still in 32bits, I've a "cannot execute
binary files" on /tools/bin/env and /tools/bin/bash.
So I guess I'm forced to try the reboot, but this
means overwriting the 32bits binaries and libraries on
my LFS system before rebooting.

Can you confirm that I'm right, or is there any mean
to use the chroot in this configuration? And if it's
true, shouldn't it be indicated in the part of the
book "To boot or to chroot?".

Thanks for your responses
G. Moko

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