Crosscompiling from 32bits to 64bits on AMD64

Matt Darcy lfs-list at
Wed Nov 9 07:40:38 PST 2005

go moko wrote:
> Hello
> Please excuse my poor english...
> I've an AMD64 processor with a LFS 32bits system
> installed on it. I try to crosscompile on this machine
> to 64bits bi-arch. All works fine with the book, until
> I reach the choice between chroot and reboot.
> The chroot option seems unavailable in my case,
> because the new binaries compiled in /tools are in
> 64bits, but the kernel is still in 32bits, and I get
> messages like 'cannot execute binary files' on
> /tools/bin/env and /tools/bin/bash. So I guess it's
> not a valid solution. I will try the reboot solution
> in overwriting the existing binaries and libraries on
> 32bits by the 64bits, but I fear it's not very clean.
> Can you confirm that the first solution of chroot is
> unusable by any means? And if it's right, wouldn't it
> be a good thing to explain this in the section "To
> chroot or to boot?" of the book?
> Thanks by advance for your responses
> G. Moko
hi there.

Your rebooting into your system that is held on /mnt/lfs - so it will 
not overwrite any of your host system binaries or libraries.

so instead of chrooting into /mnt/lfs
your booting a system that lives on /mnt/lfs

You only boot to allow a 64bit kernel so you can use your 64bit tools to 
make your final syste,

does that make sense to you ?


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