how to build NPTL-based toolchain?

Ken Moffat ken at
Wed Nov 9 15:41:59 PST 2005

On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Joe Ciccone wrote:
>> Those are the architectures that i know of that DO NOT support NPTL
>> in 2.3.6. If you are trying to build for SH3 you can grab the
>> glibc-cvs snapshot that the book uses. It may support it.
> given that glibc-2.3.6 is fairly new, are you saying that you already
> have CLFS-specific changes to it?
> rday

  Glibc-head continues on its merry way from day to day.  The stable 
(2.3) branch is different - fixes get backported, but often only if the 
maintainer is confident they will fix a problem.

  We are using snapshots from glibc-head, it just happens that we're 
pretty happy with the weekly version we are using, for the platforms we 
know about.  Certainly we have glibc patches for mips_nptl and sparc_tls 
in the patches repo, a gcc mips_tls patch, and sparc binutils patches. 
Maybe some of these might point you towards what needs to be done.

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