Crosscompiling from 32bits to 64bits on AMD64

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Wed Nov 9 23:37:25 PST 2005

--- Ken Moffat <ken at> wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Matt Darcy wrote:
> >
> > Your rebooting into your system that is held on
> /mnt/lfs - so it will not 
> > overwrite any of your host system binaries or
> libraries.
> >
> > so instead of chrooting into /mnt/lfs
> > your booting a system that lives on /mnt/lfs
> >
> > You only boot to allow a 64bit kernel so you can
> use your 64bit tools to make 
> > your final syste,
> >
> > does that make sense to you ?
> >
>   For completeness, you could always cross-compile a
> 64-bit kernel 
> without modules and tell the bootloader to use that
> with the 32-bit 
> userspace (host) system, reboot into that, mount the
> tools you've built 
> at /mnt/lfs, then chroot.
>   As Stan said, don't forget to enable IA_32
> emulation in the 64-bit 
> kernel if you do this or if you build multilib.
> Ken

Thanks for your responses.
Matt, I understand what you mean, but I forget to
mention that as I'm building LFS 64bits on top of LFS
32bits, I use the same partition (a little change from
the book). So chroot is not possible directly,
although the book mention it as a choice. Perhaps it
would worth being signaled in the paragraph "To chroot
or to boot". I don't know if it's the right place to
make this sort of demand.

Ken, your solution please me very well, because in my
configuration, I prefer a chroot, and it's a good
method to chroot without big changes, just a
compilation of kernel and copy on the old system and
reboot. IMHO, this point is also a good indication to
write on the book for the choice of chroot or boot.

G. Moko

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