Some details on CLFS Book

go moko gomoko at
Thu Nov 10 08:16:25 PST 2005


During my installation, I pointed some details that
seem not incorrect, but somewhat incoherent with the
rest of the book.
I list this to you, if ever you find it interesting to
- 6.8.1: The configuration of coreutils mention an
option DEFAULT_POSIX2_VERSION=199209 with its
explanation (coming from LFS), but this option isn't
printed in the command of configuration. Must it be
keep, or no?
- 3.22.1: The command "cp" is often writen as "cp{,.orig}" in the book. It's just a matter
of coherence.
- 7.3.1: id. for src/Makefile

G. Moko

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