CLFS for a AMD ELAN SC520 target

Felix Brack fb at
Fri Nov 11 02:03:25 PST 2005

Matt Darcy wrote:

MD> Felix,

MD> I've not got access to an ELAN box at this second, but I think I maybe
MD> able to get access to one tonight tommorow.

MD> I'll run some tests with the target triplets and see how they respond 
MD> and let you know.

MD> I don't see why the Elan arch would work as a DX4/486.

MD> Let me research on this as my experience on Elan is VERY small, but its
MD> a topic we need to be aware of for the cross-build process.

MD> Matt.

Hello Matt,

Did you get access to an ELAN system?

To get some kind of proof that at least some 2.6.x Linux is really
working on my target system I simply installed a mini (still 200MB)
Debian Sarge (Kernel 2.6.8). The system is working (though quite
As I mentioned in an earlier post the kernel is no problem, it is the
init process not starting correctly. I do not know but I do guess that all
Debian packages that are marked for the "Intel x86" architecture
(packages having suffix _i386.deb) have been built to run on all x86
systems having a CPU >= 386.
If this is correct, could it be an indication to use a "lower" target triplet
then I did? Is there some triplet like  "i386-pc-linux-gnu" or perhaps
better  "i486-pc-linux-gnu" that would eventually produce correct code?


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