glib2 problems on amd64

Bernd Knorr bernd at
Fri Nov 11 10:09:56 PST 2005


I built an CLFS multilib system on amd64 from the CLFS-20051028-book.
Most things run really fine. I have KDE-3.5-beta2 running and many other apps 
without problems.

But there seems to be a problem with glib2, but only with the 64-bit version. 
It started when I tried to compile gtk2. Compilation failed with some error 
message like "gmem.c::141: failed to allocate 42XXXXXXXX bytes" (can't 
remember exactly).

Then I installed a precompiled gtk2 and compiled firefox (which depends on 
gtk2) successfully. But firefox crashed on startup with many "assertion 
failed" messages.

So I tracked down the problem and found that gdk-pixbuf-csource called the 
function g_ascii_strup (name, -1) (which you can find at the bottom of this 
posting). It turned out that the parameter "len", which was -1, was 
interpreted as 42XXXXXXXX in the "if (len < 0)"-clause, which lead to the 

I tried to cast "len" to "int" and something seemed to work, but there were 
still "assertion failed" messages and errors.
I assumed it had something to do with gssize and searched the place where it 
was defined in the glib sources and found it in $glib_source/glibconfig.h. I 
changed the line "typedef signed long gssize;" to "typedef signed int 
gssize;" and the problem was gone, even firefox worked wonderfully.

But dbus didn't compile with a segmentation fault which I could track down to 
glib but not solve, and gimp crashes on startup with a segfault, though I 
didn't track down the problem here, but I assume it's also a glib-problem 

I tried precompiled glib and different versions but nothing helped.
I had the same problem with a CLFS build about two weeks ago.
On my old CLFS-system, which I built using ryan's scripts the problem didn't 
So I think it might have something to do with the different glibc/gcc versions 
on my old system (glibc-2.3.5 and gcc-3.4.3).

I'd like to know if anybody has the same problem.
Could it have sth to do with the boot or chroot question (I chrooted) ?

g_ascii_strup (const gchar *str,
	       gssize       len)
  gchar *result, *s;

  g_return_val_if_fail (str != NULL, NULL);

  if (len < 0)
    len = strlen (str);

  result = g_strndup (str, len);
  for (s = result; *s; s++)
    *s = g_ascii_toupper (*s);

  return result;

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