Glibc and installation of locale

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Tue Nov 15 13:54:53 PST 2005

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> On Mon, 14 Nov 2005, go moko wrote:
> > Another question about glibc:
> > Unlike LFS standard, Glibc in /tools is not
> installed
> > with locale. Doesn't this cause failures on the
> Glibc
> > test in the installation finale of Glibc? I've
> some
> > failures, which I suppose coming from this, but
> I've
> > not still investigate deeply.
>   architecture(s) ?  I had a disgusting number of
> failures in glibc 
> x86_64 (multilib, but only -m32), some of which were
> definitely in using 
> locales (e.g. de_DE).  If this is down to omitting
> locales in /tools, 
> I'll take my hat off to you, but I'm dubious: i686,
> x86_64-64, x86_64 
> -m64, and ppc all got through without serious issues
> (glibc snapshots 
> from a few weeks ago).

Excuse me, I thought it was a following, but no...
Architecture: x86_64 multilib, and effectively, it's
the 32 bits built which make errors during the check.
With locales, some errors stay, but a lot fewer.
I notice also another error due to the construction of
the manual, during the install phase, but the reason
is that perl was not installed before. I see it was
corrected today.

Just a point of text I indicate, still in glibc, 64
bits. In 10.4.4, it's writen "Two directories that are
commonly known..."; in fact, its "Four
directories...". But it's just text, no error in the

G. Moko

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