Glibc and installation of locale

Ken Moffat ken at
Tue Nov 15 14:20:45 PST 2005

On Tue, 15 Nov 2005, go moko wrote:

> Excuse me, I thought it was a following, but no...
> Architecture: x86_64 multilib, and effectively, it's
> the 32 bits built which make errors during the check.
> With locales, some errors stay, but a lot fewer.

  Thanks.  My multilib x86_64 is still severely bogged down trying to 
build some 32-bit bclfs [oh, how I hate libtool! ] ;)  so I've added 
this to my list of things to investigate (along with alsa, revisiting 
the hfsutils patch for ppc, and G5 issues - don't hold your breathe 
waiting!).  It appears as if the testsuites for each 
architecture/flavour are different, which I find somewhat strange.

  The questions are: which locales do we need to install into /tools, for 
which architectures, purely so that the final glibc testsuites will not 
fail specific tests.  Worst case, this ought to be far fewer locales 
than are needed for all the tests in the final system.

> I notice also another error due to the construction of
> the manual, during the install phase, but the reason
> is that perl was not installed before. I see it was
> corrected today.

  Mea culpa.  Sorry about that.  At least that sort of error can be fixed 
while building the final system.

> Just a point of text I indicate, still in glibc, 64
> bits. In 10.4.4, it's writen "Two directories that are
> commonly known..."; in fact, its "Four
> directories...". But it's just text, no error in the
> construction.

  Ok, thanks.  Will change it.

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