Booting into x86_64

go moko gomoko at
Thu Nov 17 23:59:36 PST 2005

--- Ken Moffat <ken at> wrote:
> > 2. Without 32-bit support, there is no register
> dump; rather, I just get
> >  an error from VFS that it is unable to mount the
> root device.
> >
>   In other words, either you haven't included the
> necessary driver, or 
> it hasn't been loaded by modprobe.

It can also be a problem with /dev, where the device
corresponding to root isn't present. Before the Kernel
panic, there is a message in the boot log that
indicates the device, in the forme (major, minor),
where the kernel seeks the root. It's a problem I saw
with SATA disks mounted as software raid.
The few line before the error are in general very

G. Moko

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