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Ken Moffat ken at
Fri Nov 18 14:34:39 PST 2005

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005, go moko wrote:

> Hi
> I've some questions about the installation of Bzip2 on
> x86_64 Multilib.
> First, what is the use of the commands for moving or
> linking the binaries during the 32 bits installation
> (10.39.1), as these binaries are to be overwrited by
> the 64 bits installation?
> Another question on the 64 bits installation: Why
> doesn't the configure command have a --libdir option
> to point to /usr/lib64? Isn't there a risk that the
> libraries may be installed in the bad location?

  You'll notice that bzip2 is not the most "standard" of packages - even 
in straight LFS there is some messing around to get it to install 
correctly. As with most of the book, the instructions start with what 
seems to work, then change when people find better ways.

  If you are ready to build it, you could back-up what you've done so 
far, follow the book's instructions for 32 and 64, confirm what got 
installed, rip it out so that you are back to before any of it was 
installed, then try any different instructions of your choice!  If they 
work, come back and tell us what instructions you use, and why they are 
better than what's in the book at the moment.

  Personally, I suspect bzip2 doesn't understand --libdir (back when I 
was trying to build LFS with -Os, the version of bzip2 at that time was 
one of the packages that ignored my CFLAGS), but maybe it has changed 
since I last looked at it.

  To answer your last question - yes, there's *always* a risk that 
libraries will be installed in the wrong place with multilib.  For BCLFS 
it's one of the major aggravations, so tread carefully and keep an eye 
on what gets installed where (and if necessary use file to confirm what 
it is).

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