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Sat Nov 19 12:53:16 PST 2005

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>   If you are ready to build it, you could back-up
> what you've done so 
> far, follow the book's instructions for 32 and 64,
> confirm what got 
> installed, rip it out so that you are back to before
> any of it was 
> installed, then try any different instructions of
> your choice!  If they 
> work, come back and tell us what instructions you
> use, and why they are 
> better than what's in the book at the moment.

Ok, I've done the job. Here are the commands I used to
get a system equivalent to the book's one:

For 32bits:
all commands before 'make install'
no 'make install', because it's only installing
libbz2.a in /usr/lib
replace it by 'cp libbz2.a /usr/lib'
from the last bloc of commands, do only 'cp -a* /lib' and the 'ln -s ...' just after.
The result is that only the bzip2's libraries are
installed, which is what we wanted.

For 64bits:
all commands 'make', 'make clean', 'make'
no 'rm -f /usr/bin/bz* /bin/bz*', as I don't install
do 'make install'
'mv /usr/bin/bzip2 /bin': this is the installation of
bzip2; one can also use bzip2-shared, but I put this
according to the README of Bzip2 (see my post on
do 'cp' and 'ln' on*
'rm /usr/bin/{bunzip2,bzcat}'
'ln -s bzip2 /bin/bzcat'
'ln -s bzip2 /bin/bunzip2'

And finally, the system is in the same state as the
book's one.

If someone can test it, it can be a good solution for
the book, IMHO.

Please excuse me and ask if I'm not clear; I'm not
very friendly with english.
G. Moko

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