Unuseful options?

go moko gomoko at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 19 12:59:34 PST 2005

I found some options that seemed unuseful, in my
opinion and according to my tests, in the book for
x86_64 Multilib:

- For Kbd (10.42.1), the 'CC="gcc ${BUILD64}"' before
'./configure' as no effect, and can then be cleared.
It's why this option is necessary in the 'make'
- For e2fsprogs 64 bits (10.44.1), it's in the 'make'
command that the option 'CC="gcc ${BUILD64}"' is
unuseful, as being still specified in the configure.
- Finally, in Module-Init-Tools (10.50.1), the text '
If you wish to run the test suite for
Module-Init-Tools, you will need to download the
separate testsuite tarball. Issue the following
commands to perform the tests (note that the make
distclean  command is required to clean up the source
tree, as the source gets recompiled as part of the
testing process):' is printed in two places, the
second without any command. What is correct?

Hopes it can help.
G. Moko

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