Questions on bzip2

Joe Ciccone jciccone at
Sat Nov 19 14:56:31 PST 2005

go moko wrote:

>>  To answer your last question - yes, there's
>>*always* a risk that 
>>libraries will be installed in the wrong place with
>>multilib.  For BCLFS 
>>it's one of the major aggravations, so tread
>>carefully and keep an eye 
>>on what gets installed where (and if necessary use
>>file to confirm what 
>>it is).
>Just to know, does BCLFS (cross-BLFS) exist? I don't
>find anything written on it.
>G. Moko
No, it does not exist. At this time it is up to the user to continue
compiling libaries multilib if they wish.

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