Unuseful options?

Jim Gifford lfs at jg555.com
Sat Nov 19 17:20:20 PST 2005

go moko wrote:

>I found some options that seemed unuseful, in my
>opinion and according to my tests, in the book for
>x86_64 Multilib:
>- For Kbd (10.42.1), the 'CC="gcc ${BUILD64}"' before
>'./configure' as no effect, and can then be cleared.
>It's why this option is necessary in the 'make'
It sets configure to the proper CC, when it runs tests it uses the 
commands we specify.

>- For e2fsprogs 64 bits (10.44.1), it's in the 'make'
>command that the option 'CC="gcc ${BUILD64}"' is
>unuseful, as being still specified in the configure.
The same here

>- Finally, in Module-Init-Tools (10.50.1), the text '
>If you wish to run the test suite for
>Module-Init-Tools, you will need to download the
>separate testsuite tarball. Issue the following
>commands to perform the tests (note that the make
>distclean  command is required to clean up the source
>tree, as the source gets recompiled as part of the
>testing process):' is printed in two places, the
>second without any command. What is correct?
This is something new we are working on I personally am thinking about 
removing the testsuites since they are useless in cross-lfs.

>Hopes it can help.
>G. Moko
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