hwclock patch for x86_64?

jstipins at umich.edu jstipins at umich.edu
Sat Nov 19 18:09:03 PST 2005

OK, the problem was solved by including support for /dev/rtc in the kernel.
My question now is, how did the 32-bit installation manage to run hwclock
without /dev/rtc?


Quoting jstipins at umich.edu:

> Hi everybody,
> Thanks for the help earlier regarding DHCP.  The problem was solved 
> (for dhcpcd)
> by updating config.sub and config.guess.
> Now... the very last checkpoint for working, minimal system... I am using
> util-linux-2.12r.  On my 32-bit installation, there are no problems; but on
> the 64-bit installation, hwclock fails with "Cannot access Hardware Clock via
> any known method".
> Any ideas?
> Thanks again,
> -Janis
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