Boot vs Chroot

Puvvada, Vijay B. VIJAY.B.PUVVADA at
Sun Nov 20 07:41:16 PST 2005

Hello All,

I am trying to build a linux-from-scratch for a Cerf-Cube 405EP that I
have lying around so that I can learn how to build a full distribution.

My host environment is a Redhat Fedora Core 4 distribution on a dell
laptop (x86) and my target is the cerfcube 405ep (ppc).  As such, I'm
not using the live cd.

I am following the online version of the CLFS book (which rocks) and so
far I have successfully built the cross-tools and temporary tools (so
that would put me at the end of chapter 6).

At this point, I am trying to decide whether to boot or chroot to
complete the installation.  In terms of deployment, I was going to setup
some form of netboot and then disk on flash.  I figured I could build
the entire distribution first and then setup netboot, etc after.  

I am afraid I can't figure out which way to go.  I don't think I really
understand the pros and cons of either method.

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