Unuseful options?

go moko gomoko at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 20 14:12:46 PST 2005

--- Jim Gifford <lfs at jg555.com> wrote:

> go moko wrote:
> >I found some options that seemed unuseful, in my
> >opinion and according to my tests, in the book for
> >x86_64 Multilib:
> >
> >- For Kbd (10.42.1), the 'CC="gcc ${BUILD64}"'
> before
> >'./configure' as no effect, and can then be
> cleared.
> >It's why this option is necessary in the 'make'
> >command.
> >  
> >
> It sets configure to the proper CC, when it runs
> tests it uses the 
> commands we specify.

After running the 'configure' command, I launched a
grep for "-m64" or "BUILD64" on every file of the
package, and nothing was returned. It seems that this
option has no effect during this stage. Or did I miss

> >- For e2fsprogs 64 bits (10.44.1), it's in the
> 'make'
> >command that the option 'CC="gcc ${BUILD64}"' is
> >unuseful, as being still specified in the
> configure.
> >  
> >
> The same here

This time, after the 'configure', the Makefile has a
line with 'CC=gcc -m64', so what is the use to
overwrite this with the option of the 'make' command.
In the log of the make, there is no change.

G. Moko

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