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> On Sun, 20 Nov 2005, go moko wrote:
> >
> > Asked on an other form, has a cross-BLFS any
> > signification? I thought that after LFS, we boot
> on a
> > new system before BLFS, and so, there's no more
> > cross-compiling. But it can be a 64bits BLFS, or a
> > Multilib BLFS.
> > Am I false?
>   The only reason I use the term 'BCLFS' is for the
> B (beyond), the C is 
> only significant as part of 'CLFS'.  So no, the
> cross-compiling is not 
> part of the issue.
>   In a few cases (strace, dhcp-3.0.2) we have needed
> to alter package 
> source to cope with a newer glibc, more generally we
> have to cope with
> (a) different build instructions for non-x86
> (b) altered instructions for X on pure64, and to an
> extent on multilib
> (c) packages that don't recognise newer platforms
> (d) lib64 on multilib (particularly, the packages
> which ignore --libdir)
> (e) packages that aren't 64-bit clean (e.g. latest
> abiword)

Ok, thanks. I understand better.
Juts for point (d), I thought that all the chain for
64 bits (gcc, ld, ...) was able to do the distinction
between lib for 32 and lib64 for 64 bits without any
further instruction like --libdir. Did I

G. Moko

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