Questions on bzip2

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Mon Nov 21 06:32:48 PST 2005

On 11/21/05, go moko <gomoko at> wrote:
> Ok, thanks. I understand better.
> Juts for point (d), I thought that all the chain for
> 64 bits (gcc, ld, ...) was able to do the distinction
> between lib for 32 and lib64 for 64 bits without any
> further instruction like --libdir. Did I
> misunderstood?

Would you please read a configure script and a Makefile sometime?  It
is vital that you understand the process of using configure to
determine values to use on your system, and then creating an
associated Makefile with which to build the package.  As it turns out,
the setting of libdir is only as intelligent as the maintainer wants
to make it in a configure script.  Most likely, libdir=$prefix/lib
unless you override it with --libdir.  Although the toolchain packages
may have more intelligent settings based on the determination of a
multilib or 64 bit system, libdir is not generally determined by gcc
or ld.

I would suggest at least having a basic understanding of how a
Makefile is generated and what happens when you type make.  Especially
if you plan on building a multilib system which will need a lot of
massaging of the build system if you're going to get all the files
built correctly and put in the right place.

Sorry for being a jerk, but this is pretty basic stuff that you should
know and not have to ask about on a -dev mailing list.


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