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Mon Nov 21 08:31:21 PST 2005

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> Would you please read a configure script and a
> Makefile sometime?  It
> is vital that you understand the process of using
> configure to
> determine values to use on your system, and then
> creating an
> associated Makefile with which to build the package.
>  As it turns out,
> the setting of libdir is only as intelligent as the
> maintainer wants
> to make it in a configure script.  Most likely,
> libdir=$prefix/lib
> unless you override it with --libdir.  Although the
> toolchain packages
> may have more intelligent settings based on the
> determination of a
> multilib or 64 bit system, libdir is not generally
> determined by gcc
> or ld.
> I would suggest at least having a basic
> understanding of how a
> Makefile is generated and what happens when you type
> make.  Especially
> if you plan on building a multilib system which will
> need a lot of
> massaging of the build system if you're going to get
> all the files
> built correctly and put in the right place.
> Sorry for being a jerk, but this is pretty basic
> stuff that you should
> know and not have to ask about on a -dev mailing
> list.

Thank you for extremely sympathic reply; I'll follow
your advices.
Nevertheless, I allow myself to say this:
- I don't pretend to be an expert of configure and
Makefile scripts, far from this; but I think I'm able
to read them and quite understand how they globally
- I've not still finished CLFS, so I'm just reduced to
questions about BCLFS (which was a deviation of the
initial subject, and not a will of treating this). As
I can see in some configure of standards libraries,
there is the determination of a "libsuff" which is
fixed, by some tests, to "64" when the compilation is
in 64 bits, and this suffix is used as parameter to
gcc and ld to find linked libraries, as I understand
(it's why I spoke of gcc and ld). If these programs
search their libraries here, I supposed that 'make'
install the new libraries in these same directories
(${libdir}${libsuff}). It makes sense for me, but
perhaps I'm false, and it was the signification of my
- As it was not the initial subject and as I will try
to follow the book and understand things by myself, I
won't continue this to not disturb you or others about
- Just to end, this list is perhaps a dev list, but
it's the *only* list on CLFS, so even persons who are
not cracks of programmation and construction may post
on it, I think.

Please excuse me if I offended you, and please excuse
my poor english (not native ;-))
G. Moko

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