Questions on bzip2

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Mon Nov 21 09:02:24 PST 2005

On 11/21/05, go moko <gomoko at> wrote:
> Thank you for extremely sympathic reply; I'll follow
> your advices.

Sorry about the earlier reply.  It was probably way out of bounds.  I
really don't mean to keep you from asking questions on this list. 
Just that it's important to do a little research before asking
questions.  Please don't take my earlier post as a deterrent to asking
questions.  I'm not an expert either, and I've often been reduced to
asking stupid questions on list.

> Nevertheless, I allow myself to say this:
> - I don't pretend to be an expert of configure and
> Makefile scripts, far from this; but I think I'm able
> to read them and quite understand how they globally
> function.

Me neither.  Same as I said above, though.  Given package X, it seems
to be important to have a glance through the offending configure and
Makefile for X before email.


> Please excuse me if I offended you, and please excuse
> my poor english (not native ;-))

You haven't offended me.  And your English is fine.  You're tackling a
tough subject, and you have every right to post your questions on this
list.  My one suggestion would be that if you have done the research,
then it helps to put some details in the questions so that those
listening can jump in with a pretty good idea of where you stand.


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