Grub 0.97 in final installation

go moko gomoko at
Wed Nov 23 23:50:18 PST 2005

In x86_64 Multilib book, the installation of Grub in
10.64.1 indicates this:
>make install
>mkdir /boot/grub
>cp /usr/lib/grub/x86_64-pc/stage{1,2} /boot/grub
"Replace i386-pc with whatever directory is
appropriate for the hardware in use. 
The i386-pc directory contains a number of *stage1_5
files, different ones for different file systems.
Review the files available and copy the appropriate
ones to the /boot/grub directory. Most users will copy
the e2fs_stage1_5 and/or reiserfs_stage1_5 files."

First of all, the text is not in line with the
commands, because it speaks of "i386", and not of
"x86_64". Just a typo.
Secondly, in the command, it seems that the 'make
install' needs a --host option, to install its files
on the right directory. x86_64-pc is used only if it's
the triplet of the current system, and it might not be
the case, particularly if one use chroot method.

G. Moko

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