Grub 0.97 in final installation

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Thu Nov 24 00:36:40 PST 2005

--- Jim Gifford <lfs at> wrote:

> >Secondly, in the command, it seems that the 'make
> >install' needs a --host option, to install its
> files
> >on the right directory. x86_64-pc is used only if
> it's
> >the triplet of the current system, and it might not
> be
> >the case, particularly if one use chroot method.
> >
> >
> >  
> >
> What yours saying is impossible, if your building
> from a i686 system, 
> you can't use the chroot method.

Yes, I can. I used Ken's suggestion, which is to use a
64bits kernel in the i686 system and to chroot from
it. The result, if only the kernel is in 64bits, is a
target 'x86_64-unknown' instead of 'x86_64-pc'. It was
my case, but perhaps it can be others configurations
that don't give "x86_64-pc".
G. Moko

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