Multilib, the hard way?

Ryan Twitchell tryan2 at
Fri Nov 25 16:24:17 PST 2005

So now that I've got my shiny new x86_64 system up and running as purely 
64-bit (with much thanks to all the LFS contributors), I've decided that 
it might be useful to have just one thing implemented 32-bit. Wine.

I think that I understand the basic steps. All I want to do is get the 
bare-minimum 32-bit libraries up and running in their own directory. But 
it's always best to ask those that know, for the advice of sages is 
always appreciated. (Yes, my flattery *shall* overcome you)

Since on a pure 64-bit system binutils and gcc are both built without 
multilib support, obviously I can't use them to build the 32-bit 
libraries. So as far as I understand, I need to build at least 32-bit 
binutils, glibc, and gcc. Then I have to make sure to include the ld 
config file to include the new lib path (and run ldconfig) and make sure 
my kernel has support for emulating IA32 binaries. I can't think of any 
other basic requirements except whatever dependencies Wine might have, 
or quirks it may have when building / running on a 64-bit system.

Can anyone suggest other packages it might be wise to install or any 
subtleties I may have missed.


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