grub segmentation fault

jstipins at jstipins at
Fri Nov 25 17:07:38 PST 2005

Either way, it still segfaults.

While exploring this issue, I found a dead symbolic link from the ncurses-5.5
installation... the /lib/libcurses.a link doesn't get moved to /usr/lib with
everything else.  I fixed this, but it didn't seem to make a difference with
the grub problem (not a surprise, since the problem seems to be with 
linked libs, not statically linked ones).


Quoting Joe Ciccone <jciccone at>:

> Jim Gifford wrote:
>> Try using --without-ncurses. Since --no-curses is not valid.
> I meant running grub with grub --no-curses from a terminal.
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