Two points in CLFS Book for x86_64 multilib

go moko gomoko at
Sat Nov 26 13:51:58 PST 2005

Just two points that seem to lack in the book:
- in Hotplug (10.63), the command 'cp -v
etc/hotplug/pnp.distmap /etc/hotplug' is not listed
(unlike in LFS book), and so this file produces error
messages during the boot
- in NCurses, libncurses.a is installed in /lib (or
/lib64), but it must be in /usr/lib (or /usr/lib64).
Perhaps a 'mv /lib/libncurse*a /usr/lib' would be
useful (it seems that it lacks in LFS too). I'm seeing
that someone has also pointed this today.

G. Moko

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