Multilib, the hard way?

Ryan Twitchell tryan2 at
Sat Nov 26 19:00:06 PST 2005

Ken Moffat wrote:
  >  I don't claim to be an expert in these things (it's taken me 5 or 6
> weeks to install a 32-bit firefox (and plugins) on a multilib system, 
> and it will probably take me another 5 weeks to document it 8-( ) but if 
> you really want to run 32-bit software, why don't you just build 
> multilib ? [ yeah, I know, adding --libdir=/usr/lib64 is a PITA ]

Well, I've already got a this system up and running and I don't want to 
abandon it, if that's what you mean. My plan is to attempt to 
restructure a few parts of this system to support multilib, just in the 
limited fashion I need it.

>  The only obvious dependency (from looking at the winehq pages, and 
> failing to find a list of dependencies) is X.  I have zero experience of 
> trying to use a 32-bit X in a non-standard directory (although it does 
> sound attractive - I like 32-bit browser plugins, but I don't trust 
> them), but you will need 32-bit X libraries, and for those you'll need 
> 32-bit png, expat, fontconfig, freetype.

This all does make my plan sound tricky. It may mean I end up building 
in full 32-bit support anyway. That's kind of ironic, but I guess I 
really build the pure 64-bit system just to learn. Maybe now I get to do 
some more of that.


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