Error in cross-lfs-Sparc64 7.14. Setting Up the Environment

Matt Darcy lfs-list at
Sun Nov 27 02:40:58 PST 2005

Frans Verstegen wrote:

>From:Linux From Scratch - Version CLFS-SVN-20051126-Sparc64 Chapter 7.
>If You Are Going to Boot
>cat > ${LFS}/root/.bash_profile << "EOF"
>PS1='\u:\w\$ '
>export LC_ALL PATH PS1
>By putting /tools/bin ahead of the standard PATH, all the programs
>installed in Constructing a Temporary Tools are picked up by the shell
>immediately after their installation. 
>shouldn't this be 
>By putting /tools/bin:/tools/sbin at the end of the standard PATH ...
Franz, I just want to check that your 7.14 in your subject means chapter 
7.14 in the book.

If so - it looks like you maybe right.

Are you cross-building 64/multi-lib ? I assume 64)

then I can investigate.


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