Two points in CLFS Book for x86_64 multilib

go moko gomoko at
Sun Nov 27 03:48:52 PST 2005

--- Jim Gifford <lfs at> wrote:

> >- in NCurses, libncurses.a is installed in /lib (or
> >/lib64), but it must be in /usr/lib (or
> /usr/lib64).
> >Perhaps a 'mv /lib/libncurse*a /usr/lib' would be
> >useful (it seems that it lacks in LFS too). I'm
> seeing
> >that someone has also pointed this today.
> >  
> >
> You missed a step then, it's in there.
>  From Ncurses
> mv /lib/lib{panel,menu,form,ncurses,ncurses++}.a
> /usr/lib
> >From Ncurses 64bit
> mv /lib64/lib{panel,menu,form,ncurses,ncurses++}.a
> /usr/lib64

Oh, I'm confused. It's a typo.
It's "libcurses.a", not "libncurses.a". "libcurses.a"
is a link that is in /lib (or /lib64) and stay here,
because the 'mv' command don't move it. So the link is
broken (perhaps it has no consequences, but it's not
very clean).
So the command should be:

Excuse me for the confusion.
G. Moko

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