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Jim Gifford lfs at jg555.com
Sun Nov 27 19:18:41 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> This is all well and good, but I fail to see how it has anything to do 
> with Cross-building. From my understanding the Cross-LFS project was 
> formed to show how we can expand our LFS build technique to work on 
> various archs. Build for any arch from any arch.
> If you think you have a better way of handling devices than what 
> LFS/BLFS currently does, you should work at that with the idea of 
> bringing it into LFS, *not* changing Cross-LFS to by default use a 
> different system.
> Jim, I understand your desires and goals, but this is not a Cross-LFS 
> issue. It's really an LFS issue, and it should be worked on there. If 
> anything, it should be done in a new branch of LFS trunk, not here. 
> Please don't bring this type of change only into cross-lfs simply
> because you can.

This affects Cross-LFS in a big way, udev rules and the hotplug we 
currently use, does not address all the hardware for all our platforms, 
it also will fix a known hotplug issue with MIPS and ARM based machines, 
that's why this is being investigated and going to be fixed on way or 
another. That's the main reason for Cross-LFS implementing this as soon 
as possible. Every one who has tried to build a modular system on MIPS 
will understand, the problems.

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