udev rules

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Nov 27 21:21:52 PST 2005

Ryan Oliver wrote:
> My question here is, what is the problem in doing development in an
> "unstable" tree which does not yet have a release?

My concern was that it appeared that these decisions were being made 
off-list and without any concern for how it will affect LFS or BLFS. I 
hope that that's not the case.

Also, in all due respect, and though I'm sure it's your intention, I'd 
like to ask that this mailing list be used as much as possible for 
development and decisions.  I personally don't have the time to be 
hanging out in IRC all the time these days, but I'd still like to be 
up-to-speed on the various issues that come up, as I'm sure would many 
others that don't connect to IRC.

I'm only requesting the above because I know IRC is easy and perhaps 
better suited for dev decisions (when everyone's there often enough) and 
the tendency is to just work out something there, find a solution to 
whatever you're working on, and keep going. But please resist that urge 
;) and use this list as much as possible.

Thanks. :)

> We need to fix issues as we hit them, and with the architectures we are
> covering we tend to run into a few more quirks than standard lfs does.

Thanks for the further verification on these points.


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