udev rules

Ryan Oliver ryan.oliver at pha.com.au
Sun Nov 27 22:12:42 PST 2005

On Sun, 2005-11-27 at 23:50 -0600, Randy McMurchy wrote:
> If there is something that needs to be changed, discussed or
> whatever, it is put out in the open on the mailing list. Folks
> then have a chance to see and comment. I can't remember really
> any *development* being discussed on the cross-lfs list. There's
> been some technical issues recently, with folks having some
> issues, but there's been no real development discussed that I
> can remember.

Development happened on the lfs-hackers list (whose purpose was for
providing a place to kick around and play with interesting ideas) before
it was ash-canned leaving no place to discuss bleeding edge hackery
(except by wading through the high SNR on lfs-dev).


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