New Udev Package - Depends on 2.6.15

Jim Gifford lfs at
Sun Nov 27 23:15:00 PST 2005

This is for people who would like to assist in the changes to a udev 
system without hotplug. A lot of time has gone into this package by Kay 
Sievers for opensuse. Some of the files I've not been able to convert to 
LFS, but it doesn't stop the LFS community from helping fix these.

The link is at These will not work and not 
everything is converted to work with LFS yet. Still have some things to 
work out, mainly and

The udev instructions will also need to be updated to support this 
package, but right now that's on hold until 2.6.15 is out. For those who 
are playing around with the bleeding edge, in that same directory is the 
changes required for udev.

I've tested what I can, still working out issues, if you have any 
patches or changes, please communicate them via the list or send the 
patches to me at patches at

jim at
lfs at

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