Why multilib? (MPlayer?)

Duncan Webb duncan-crosslfs at linuxowl.com
Mon Nov 28 22:34:06 PST 2005

Jim Gifford wrote:

> jstipins at umich.edu wrote:
>>  2. 32-bit libraries are needed to view video files encoded in Windows
>>     formats (.wmv, .avi, etc).
>> Actually, I'm not sure about the second one... is it true that there 
>> are no
>> pure-64 codecs out there to view all of the major file formats?  If 
>> so, is
>> there a technical reason why 32-bit is required, or is it just that 
>> nobody
>> has gotten around to writing 64-bit versions yet?
> ?? It's a library that is used for a file doesn't matter if it's 32bit 
> or 64bit.

You shouldn't have many problems with these codes, because ffmpeg 
handles most Windows codecs. I've build a freevo system based on a Cross 
LFS pure64 system. Lots of work but works pretty well.


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